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The Intersection of Healthcare and UX: A Nurse's Perspective

A stack of various UX design books with a stethoscope placed on top, symbolizing the unique blend of healthcare knowledge and user experience expertise.

The Journey Begins: From Nursing to UX Design

I am thrilled to be launching my blog! As a nurse turned UX designer, I am eager to delve into the remarkable intersection between healthcare and UX design. So, let's get started!

Healthcare and user experience (UX) design may seem like worlds apart. Still, as someone who has navigated both fields, I can confidently say that they share one significant commonality: empathy. Whether I was caring for a patient in a hospital or conducting user research, understanding and addressing the needs of individuals has always been paramount.

I began my career as a registered nurse, working in various roles across the healthcare spectrum, from psychiatry to quality management to higher education. As a nurse, I honed my empathy skills, interacting with patients and students from different walks of life, all with unique health and/or education challenges. I learned to listen keenly, not only to assess medical symptoms but also to understand the unique ways these health challenges impacted each patient's everyday life.

The Shift: Applying a Nurse's Mindset to UX Design

Recently, as I transitioned into product operations, I found these skills invaluable. As UX designers, our primary job is to understand users' needs, their pain points, their desires, and their behavior when interacting with a product. My nursing experience taught me to do just that—listen, empathize, and find solutions.

However, the bridge between healthcare and UX design isn't built on empathy alone. It also hinges on the analytical skills necessary to parse complex medical data and convert it into actionable insights. My background in nursing and higher education has been instrumental in fostering this analytical approach.

For instance, during my time as an Assistant Director of Nursing, I honed my ability to interpret complex medical data and employ it to improve patient care. As I dove deeper into UX design, I found that data analysis skills translated perfectly into understanding user behavior, demographics, and preferences.

The Next Chapter: What to Expect from this Blog

With this blog, I hope to explore the intersection of UX design and healthcare further. Through my posts, I intend to share insights, experiences, and tips to help you navigate the world of digital health. If you're a healthcare professional interested in UX, a UX designer passionate about healthcare, or simply curious about the blend of these two fascinating fields, this blog is for you.

I'm excited to start this journey with you all. So stay tuned, and let's explore this unique intersection of healthcare and UX design together!



PS: I welcome questions, comments, and suggestions for future blog topics. Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me directly. I can't wait to hear from you!

Stay healthy and stay curious.


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