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Micro Projects


Kent State University - Assignments

My Role: 

UX Designer


up to 1 week


This space is dedicated to showcasing a collection of smaller projects/assignments that I've worked on. These projects range from one day to up to one week assignments, each presenting a unique problem to solve. Each project is accompanied by a brief description to provide context and insight into the challenges faced and the solutions developed. I invite you to explore these snapshots of my UX journey.

They are bite-sized glimpses into my design process, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Summative vs Formative - A Pizza Story

This micro project was a unique challenge that required a creative approach to usability testing. Tasked with deciding between a summative or formative usability study for a medium-sized pizza company's website redesign, I had to make a compelling case for my choice to the company's stakeholders.

The pizza company was in the process of transforming their outdated website into a world-class online pizza ordering experience. The project was already in the development stage, and the stakes were high - the new website had to be ready for the upcoming Super Bowl.

Given the constraints of the project, I opted for two formative usability studies. This approach allowed for iterative testing and improvements during the development process, ensuring that any major issues could be identified and addressed in real-time.

To present my argument, I took inspiration from the project's context and designed my report as a pizza menu. Each section of the menu represented a different aspect of the formative usability study, explaining its benefits in a fun and engaging way.

The "Dough" section outlined the two types of usability studies, with a preference for the formative approach. The "Sauce" section detailed the reasons for my choice, using pizza-related metaphors to highlight the flexibility, iterative improvement, risk management, and customer-centric approach of formative studies. Finally, the "Celebrate" section wrapped up the argument, emphasizing the importance of delivering a user-friendly website that meets the customers' needs.

This project was a testament to the power of creativity in UX design, demonstrating how a unique presentation can make complex concepts more accessible and engaging. It also reinforced the importance of formative usability studies in ensuring a successful and user-friendly final product.

More micro projects coming soon!

Image by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦

Small projects, big insights: Crafting user experiences one detail at a time.

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