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About Me

Healthcare Heart, Designer's Mind

My Journey From Nurse to UX Designer

Hello there! I'm Adam Fralich, a UX Designer with a background in nursing, higher education, and prompt engineering. I've always been passionate about understanding and improving the experiences of others, and I've discovered UX as the perfect intersection where I can leverage my analytic skills and innate empathy.

I started my journey in the healthcare field, a space that taught me empathy, patience, and the ability to deliver complex information in digestible terms. I've been a nurse, a clinical quality experience analyst, a senior director for simulation, a product operations manager, and more. Throughout these roles, I realized my knack for helping others grasp complex ideas and creating an environment that promotes learning and understanding.

When I discovered the field of UX in 2019, I realized I had found the perfect profession that tied together all my skills, experiences, and passions. I am now committed to enhancing the digital health sector, using my healthcare background to create designs that consider the user's needs in a healthcare context.

Outside of work, you'll find me dabbling in pottery, photography, hiking nature trails, kayaking, or tending to my pineapple plants. I'm also an avid painter, finding tranquility in acrylic, watercolor, and digital mediums. These hobbies not only help me unwind but also nurture my creative thinking skills, which I incorporate into my UX work.

I've been fortunate to participate in a medical outreach trip to El Salvador and receive multiple "Faculty/Staff of the Block" awards during my time at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine. My research during this time led to three poster presentations on diverse but interconnected topics - inter-professional disaster training and its impact on patient outcomes, the comparative duration of telemedicine and in-person encounters in standardized patient testing, and the preparedness of medical students in discussing LGBTQ+ related topics in healthcare today. These research experiences contribute to my unique perspective on UX in healthcare.

My journey into UX has been unconventional, but it's this unique path that fuels my empathy-driven, analytics-informed, and education-focused approach to UX design. As I continue my UX journey, I hope to bring along my past experiences to create meaningful and impactful user experiences in the digital health sector.

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